Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Right, the two most pressing challenges that we have had to address, NSDF and the Fringe, seem to be relatively sorted.

Evil, Miriam, CJ and myself met in Cloisters last night to discuss the two issues, and things seem to have been decided like this...

The total revised budget was £890.00. The Friends of Bedlam will give us £300, Bedlam will give us £300 (or maybe a touch more) and rest we have to find ourselves. Luckily, we budgeted high, and so we hope that, in fact, what we need to find could be as little as £150. The fundraiser more than raised that amount, so we are in the clear. We can now proceed with the NSDF project, knowing that finance is in place.

2) The Fringe
We have a very promising offer from a venue that would be ideal for the show. It is unlikely that we would have to make a down-payment (although the final details have yet to be cleared up) and therefore the only thing that we would have to worry about is the Fringe entry fee. Again, we have the money in the bank to do this, so we are fairly secure for the Fringe too. However, we are also still looking at another, quite prestigious venue, who are also very well disposed towards us; but given that we would need to put a - not ruinous but beyond our present means - deposit down, this is unlikely to go ahead unless a sponsor hands us a fat cheque.

In the meantime, the Painted Face chequebook arrived this morning so we are now solvent, and all set to go...

See you all soon,


Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ok DJ's came through, so no worries there. The night is pretty much all confirmed and set to go to my knowlege. Posters printed, stamped etc etc just need to get people to come now.....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Get jiggy with it...

I may possibly - and that's a very big POSSIBLY - be able to find someone who could fill in as a DJ. I shall let you know sooner rather than later: Ceej, ask Ian if he's heard of Yogi Haughton 'cos this is the guy that I'm thinking of; he may well do me a favour (he owes me a few).

And remember, you lucky people; if we get into NSDF, that's another £2,000 odd to raise. Piece of piss...

I'm hoping that email is back up and running by now, but I will monitor the situation.

Please post on this blog, it'll be an interesting resource if nothing else.

Nicely done to Honor and Tom; I am producing Chalk so am kind of busy (and the business is entering a definite cashflow crisis) but I will be there if I can.

The website will definitely be finished within the next couple of days; please take the time to visit.

Anyway, va bene omnes...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

port and cheese

Sunday 13th is the day of reckoning...... NSDF results day.

I suggest my flat at 1pm with port and cheese. We can ring for result between 2 and 4. I fully intend to be twaddled BEFORE anyone rings. I may need scraping off the floor/ provided with kleenex/ forcably restraining/ bringing a bucket etc etc so please come prepaired.

The first of two fundraisers will be happening on Feb 15th, thats 1week today. I am making a poster today. The title is 'MASSIV' INIT'' and were going for fun drum and base rather than the ever so serious hard core mofo variety. Honour and Tom R have organised the Cellar bar and a drinks promo of two for one for the first hour. We think we will start at 11ish, but there is currently a problem with the first DJ not arriving till 11.30. Ian (my flat mate) is currently desperatly searching for someone to proceed him.

We will need to do some intensive flyereing for this; Honour and Tom R can't do this on their own..........

We have had ideas for a second probably in week 8/9. We are thinking of organising a comedy night. Would like to use the cellar bar again as the atmosphere would suit stand up, also there is the possibility of setting up tables with waitress service, which I think would add to 'the ambiance' of the evening. It's all still in the air but I'm presuming that Tuck might be able to contact some stand up's for us, and possibly get the imps to play. We also had the idea of short comic films in association with the moving pictures society, I believe Honour and Tom R are looking into it.

The sponcorship packs went off last Thursday morning. Any interest should come in to Miriam. Miriam has also been in contact with Lloyds who are showing interest, but its all a bit complicated as the lady who is into it has to convince another department..... I think Mirriam has sent her an electronic proposal form to forward to the relavent people.

I am not sure what the current situation is with Awards for All and another site which allows you to advertise your company to buisinesses for a meer £8. Charlotte is in charge, last I herd she needed stuff from Chris, appart from that I'm not sure what the deal is.

Appart from the fundraiser Honour has been looking into Van (which is actually now going to be a minibus)sponcorship. Chris is tweaking the proposal pack for this purpose, and Honour has a long list of Scottish compainies to send them off to. When the packs and the addresses are ready I shall assemble and send them off asap.

I think thats it, mail or text me if there are any problems, if not then I'll seey you all Sunday

CJ x

Sunday, February 06, 2005

And so it starts...

Welcome, people. Here is the weblog for Painted Face Productions and what, you may ask, is it for?

Good question.

It will allow us all to communicate with each other without having to run up massive phone bills, but will also, I hope, serve as an interesting diary of what we are doing with Scaramouche Jones. It's always nice to have these things documented; makes one feel that one is doing something worthwhile...

Right, what have we achieved so far?

1) Sponsorship Proposals: The first round of these has been completed. I am going to knock up some further ones, with details of advertising, etc. CJ has sent them off to the relevant people, I believe...

2) Email Addresses: These have been set up as instructed - apart from Tom's, but I'll do that soon - but there seems to be some problem with the server at present. I have submitted a technical support request, and hope to have it sorted within a couple of days.

3) Website and Weblog: As you can see, the weblog is up and running. The first page of the website is also up (although not yet on our domain) at I hope to have this completed by the end of Sunday, or Monday at the latest. Try to view it in something other than Internet Explorer, as otherwise you will not see the full prettiness: also, play about with resizing the browser window to see the full "transparent" effect. I might try to do some workarounds for IE, but it does rather depend if I get the time to do so (especially as there are no workarounds for IE 6 for Windows). I do heartily recommend Firefox: it obeys agreed web standards, and it's free...

Anyway, feel free to leave your updates here: I will email you the passwords, etc...
One note of caution: do check the times that show below the New Post box and ensure that they are right.



P.S. If anyone wants to check out my own blog at any point, do feel free to visit!