Sunday, February 06, 2005

And so it starts...

Welcome, people. Here is the weblog for Painted Face Productions and what, you may ask, is it for?

Good question.

It will allow us all to communicate with each other without having to run up massive phone bills, but will also, I hope, serve as an interesting diary of what we are doing with Scaramouche Jones. It's always nice to have these things documented; makes one feel that one is doing something worthwhile...

Right, what have we achieved so far?

1) Sponsorship Proposals: The first round of these has been completed. I am going to knock up some further ones, with details of advertising, etc. CJ has sent them off to the relevant people, I believe...

2) Email Addresses: These have been set up as instructed - apart from Tom's, but I'll do that soon - but there seems to be some problem with the server at present. I have submitted a technical support request, and hope to have it sorted within a couple of days.

3) Website and Weblog: As you can see, the weblog is up and running. The first page of the website is also up (although not yet on our domain) at I hope to have this completed by the end of Sunday, or Monday at the latest. Try to view it in something other than Internet Explorer, as otherwise you will not see the full prettiness: also, play about with resizing the browser window to see the full "transparent" effect. I might try to do some workarounds for IE, but it does rather depend if I get the time to do so (especially as there are no workarounds for IE 6 for Windows). I do heartily recommend Firefox: it obeys agreed web standards, and it's free...

Anyway, feel free to leave your updates here: I will email you the passwords, etc...
One note of caution: do check the times that show below the New Post box and ensure that they are right.



P.S. If anyone wants to check out my own blog at any point, do feel free to visit!


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