Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Get jiggy with it...

I may possibly - and that's a very big POSSIBLY - be able to find someone who could fill in as a DJ. I shall let you know sooner rather than later: Ceej, ask Ian if he's heard of Yogi Haughton 'cos this is the guy that I'm thinking of; he may well do me a favour (he owes me a few).

And remember, you lucky people; if we get into NSDF, that's another £2,000 odd to raise. Piece of piss...

I'm hoping that email is back up and running by now, but I will monitor the situation.

Please post on this blog, it'll be an interesting resource if nothing else.

Nicely done to Honor and Tom; I am producing Chalk so am kind of busy (and the business is entering a definite cashflow crisis) but I will be there if I can.

The website will definitely be finished within the next couple of days; please take the time to visit.

Anyway, va bene omnes...


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